Resources for Volunteer Tax Preparers  
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Training Coordinators

This section contains items of interest to those who are coordinating training of new and/or experienced preparers:

Item Date & Version Comments
TRC-10 Training Overview 09-28-2012 TY2012 v0.9 An overview of the process, steps, and philosophy behind the training materials offered on this site.

Shared Materials

This section contains shared items. (If you have something to share that would be of potential interest to other Training Coordinators, pleast contact Al.)

Item Date Updated Comments
Don's Missives 09-28-2012 Don Connolly (from AARP Tax-Aide NJ Atlantic) has kindly offered to share his series of emails with guidance to students. Feel free to copy, modify and re-use..

EROs supporting training

This section contains items of interest to EROs who are supporting training activities:

Item Date & Version Comments
ERO-10 Training Template Specs 09-28-2012 TY2011 v3 Settings and Template details for a TY2011 TWO EFIN to be used for training.
IRS Pub 3189 10-03-2012 Volunteer e-file Administration Guide - TY2012