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TY2011 Kent Problem

The Kent problem from Pub 4491-W has been modified in various waysto be used as an adjunct to the TY2011 Tax Law presentations, including the New Jersey modules.

The idea is that the instructor would alternate between Tax Law issues and entry of the corresponding parts of the Kent return in class. Ideally, students would also prepare their own copy of the Kent NJ return in class as a way to get hands-on experience with most of the TaxWise worksheets (and quirks).

Link Modified
LAW-L1 Kent Scenario TY2011 v1.0a 11-16-2012
LAW-L1 Kent Refund Monitor TY2011 v1.0a-3 01-09-2013
LAW-L1 Kent Changes from 4491-W TY2011 v1.0 11-12-2012