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Proficiency Part 3

Practice with new and/or changed federal and NJ tax law and TaxWise features

In past years we have used variations of the Jones / Mitchell / Davis problems. Because there is not much change in tax law and the extended delay in availability of updates to TaxWise, we are including a single problem - Roberts. This problem is designed to exercise the new behavior in TaxWise (e.g. 1040 Wkt7, 8863, etc.). Because the NJ PTR has changed significantly for 2012, we also include information for preparers to use the new PTR forms.

Tax return related stuff for Roberts:

What Changed Notes
N12-P4 Roberts Scenario TY2012 v0.93 01-29-2013  
N12-P4 Roberts Printed Return TY2012 v0.93-1 01-29-2013  
N12-P4 Roberts Refund Monitor TY2012 v0.93-1 01-29-2013  

PTR related stuff for Roberts:

What Changed Notes
N12-P4 Roberts PTR-2 TY2012 v0.5 01-23-2013 As received by TP
N12-P4 Roberts PTR Income Worksheet TY2012 v0.92 01-26-2013  
N12-P4 Roberts PTR-2 Filled In    
PTR-2 Instructions 01-16-2013 Official version not yet available from NJ DoT website (yet)
PTR-01 PTR Income Worksheet Sources TY2012 v0.91 01-19-2013 Draft - Final will be available on Preparer page