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An introduction to preparing returns with TaxWise

Go through the steps in the list below in order from top to bottom.
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Each step in the checklist contains a link to the detail page for that step.

TY2012 Familiarization Checklist
Stage Step Notes / Comments
  FAM-10 Introduction to Familiarization  
  FAM-12 Using the Familiarization Checklist  
General Information
  FAM-20 Federal 1040 Overview  
  FAM-22 NJ-1040 Overview  
  FAM-30 Intake Sheet  
  FAM-32 TaxPayer Documents  
  FAM-40 Familiarization Resources  
TaxWise Online
  TWO-10 Intro to TWO  
  TWO-20 First Time Login Procedure  
  TWO-22 Adjusting Color Scheme Procedure  
  TWO-30 Intro to the Return Screen  
  FAM-50 Preparing a Familiarization Return  
Familiarization Problems
  FAM-01 Andersen  
  FAM-02 Conway  
  FAM-03 Gallo  
  FAM-04 Patterson  
  FAM-05 McCook  
  FAM-06 Barufkin  
  FAM-07 Jackson  
  FAM-08 Rosemont  

Optional Extras
Stage Step Notes / Comments
  TWO-91 Password Reset Procedure